loose ends, bits, and pieces

by Brianna Snider

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a compilation of releases that had no formal assembly

they now have a formal assembly


released May 8, 2017



all rights reserved


Brianna Snider Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

college sad punk with lots of reverb

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Track Name: special place
you know i hate being alone
but i'm too scared to say hello
all my words come out my throat like knives
but i swear this time, i'll try

the last time you came around i was severely let down
by the lack of exchanges between you and me
but this time i won't worry

if only you knew
how many nights i spent
crying over the thought of you

sometimes i think it's really me
that's making this worse than it seems
i tend to dwell on things that i think are important
i'd stay up day and night
putting you before me
but i know all of this is worthless

if only you knew
how many nights i spent
crying over the thought of you

if only you knew how much i want to forget you
if only you knew how much i want to care

and i swear i'll try to make it right
you will not watch me go down like you always wanted to
rest assured, i won't lose the fight
you won't defeat me like you always wanted to

my day goes by without you
i can sleep at night without you
i will be okay
i swear i'll be okay
Track Name: the bus ride home
i hate my friends because they make me feel bad
i hate the rain because it makes me sad
i hate the way you always get when
you're around your other friends

i get it, i'm not that important
but my confidence is worse than anything i could possess
Track Name: take your medicine
don't forget to take your medicine
one pill at a time
it is just a fact of life

when the noises get too loud
and the world seems too much
just try to close your eyes

when the world makes you want to cover your ears
and not return
just return
when everything becomes a chore
just return
and take your pills